Meet Our Exhibitors


Andrea Zonnis


Psychic Song

Cassidy Conover

Cassidy (1)

Cassidy the Cardslinger

Lisa Wong


Creating Balance

Angel Jury


Sacred Silence

David Zunker


Mystic Mountain Lodge

Siobhan Collins

27021552_568990943477600_5956189316596926660_o (2)

Metamorphosis Healing Arts

Kathryn Lowther

Kathy Lowther (1) (1)

Lotus Flower Psychic Readings

Rachel Warrington

Rachel (1)

Yarrow Healing Arts

Maureen Fontaine

Maureen (1)

Intuitive Readings

Rhona Beaumont

unnamed (1)

Energy Healing by Rhona

Pearl Peterson


Psychic Medium

Serafina Christine

ENS04650-Edit (1)

Mystic Yogini


Rachel Warrington

Rachel (1)

Yarrow Healing Arts

Niki Hughes


Elemental Balance



Light Codes by Laara

Wes Gietz

Wes (1) (1)


Lisa Wong


Creating Balance

Spiritual Gifts

Christine Paton

Christine (1)

Rocks & Gems

Earth Family Crystals

Earthfamilycrystals (1) (1)

Crystals & Gemstone Jewelry

Alison Spokes


Fairy & Fantasy Artist

Denise Franson

Denise (1)

Crystal Lotus Healings

Serafina Christine

ENS04650-Edit (1)

Mystic Yogini

Cristin Platt


Sakura Spiritual Arts

Diane Fox


Diane’s LOVEWINX Boutique


Andria Winters, Msc.D

IMG_0423 (1)

Interfaith Minister

Spirit of Victoria


Metaphysical Directory

Find What You Seek!

We’ve got Psychic Readings, Tarot, Astrology, Oracle Cards, Reiki, Shamanism, EFT, Healing, Spiritual Mediumship, Rocks’n’gems, Sound Journeys, Hypnosis, Jewelry, Spiritual Gifts, Rocks & Gems and so much more. There are many practitioners and psychics that you can only find at the Intuitive Arts Festival. Get ready to raise your vibration!

Each exhibitor sets their own rate for products and services, and moneys are paid directly to each individual service provider. In general, psychic readings start at $30 and healing sessions start at $20. Sessions will be available online via Zoom, Skype or phone as well as in-person at individual offices (when available).

Integrity and love are the most important qualities that we look for in our exhibitors so that we can share with you the best that our community has to offer. Book a Session Online Book a distance Psychic Reading or Healing session online with our Exhibitor’s Online Booking Calendar Systems, they will be available to see you for the entire weekend.

Book a virtual shopping experience with our Rock & Gem, jewelry and Spiritual Gift vendors so you can find that perfect presents for the ones you love and for yourself (who we hope you love the most.)

The future is shaped by our own personal choices and decisions and therefore always changing. Responsibility for your life lies in your hands. Clients should never live their lives solely by what comes through a reading but use the information to help improve their current situation. The Intuitive Arts Festival cannot be held liable for any actions taken or lack thereof following services rendered. The Intuitive Arts Festival is not, nor does claim to be a medical professional and a reading should never replace consulting a medical professional. If you have any medical issues please see your doctor as soon as possible. Readings and services are for entertainment purposes only. Any client seeking services acknowledges that they have read and understood the terms of this agreement.