Friday, Nov. 11th 2022,
5pm - 9pm
Virtual Workshops via Zoom
Saturday, Nov. 12th 2022
In-Person Fair
111 Superior St.
11am - 5pm

Calling all heart-centred, high vibing, emotionally intune, spiritual seekers, explorers and teachers! Let’s tap into the Intuitive Arts!

Join us for a weekend of metaphysical delights featuring workshops, psychic readings, spiritual gifts, Tarot, mediumship, holistic healing, rocks & gems and more.

The Intuitive Arts Festival has met annually since 2009. Tap into your inner potential. Explore your intuition. Rejuvenate your spirit!

Friday evening will share 3 amazing workshops to expand your intuitive knowledge. Meet spiritual teachers that will ignite your light and share knowledge to develop your connection to holistic healing and metaphysics.

Saturday, we will meet in person where healing sessions and psychic readings will be offered by some of Victoria’s finest metaphysical practitioners. Check out handmade spiritual gifts, sparkly ethically sourced crystals and jewelry for yourself or those you love.

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Friday, Nov. 11th
Online Only
5pm - 9pm

Join us online for three amazing workshops
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Saturday, Nov. 12th
11am - 5pm
111 Superior St. Victoria, BC

Join us in person at the Church of Truth for a mini metaphysical fair! 
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Friday, Nov. 11th 5pm - 9pm
Saturday, Nov. 12th
11pm - 5pm
111 Superior St. Victoria, BC

Join us on Zoom and in person at the Church of Truth for a mini metaphysical fair!  Friday workshops and playbacks are included.
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Workshop Schedule

5pm Clairaudience and Active Listening with Andrea Zonnis

Learning how to intently listen to yourself and others is a beautiful practice to gain further insight into your own intuitive process. We’re going to start with a group Tarot reading to open up the Universal energy by tapping into the collective vibe of our group. Next we will run through exercises to clear your mind and raise your vibrations. Finally, practice your active listening skills one-on-one with an exercise in breakout rooms!
Together we will create a safe space to listen and express our inner world! Live from your heart!

6:15pm Reframe the Narrative – Bring Peace to Your Thoughts with Lisa Wong

Words and thoughts hold significant energetic connections to times, places, and experiences in our lives. These components of every day interactions may bring forth emotional and physical discomfort or pleasure.
Join Lisa Wong as she guides you in reframing the words and thoughts which may bring disruption into life. She will provide you with tools to navigate through challenging communication behaviours and show you the importance
of the breath.
Allow the movement of change, within you, to gracefully reframe your
challenging words and thoughts.

7:30pm Secrets of Oracle Cards with Angie Bell 

Connect to your Angels and Guides to grow your confidence and intuition! Be sure to bring Oracle Cards and get to know your deck like a pro. Good news, even if you think you don’t have what it takes you don’t need special skills to access your intuition, only the secrets!

Our 2022 Exhibitors

Siobhan Collins
Psychic Medium & Oracle Cards

Ian & Josie Byington
Spirit of Victoria Metaphysical Directory
Victoria Metaphysical & Intuitive Development Group

Diane Fox
Spa Products & Services, Romance Accessories

Teresa Klan
Retail Tarot, Oracle Cards & Books

Arthur Kikuchi
Jyorei-Spiritual Healing Energy from Japan

Angie Bell
Spiritual Medium

Kary Michaels
Integrated Tarot Coaching

Alison Spokes
Fantasy/Fairy Artist
Tarot & Oracle Readings

Cristin Platt
Spiritual Gifts, Drums & Jewelry

Andrea Zonnis
Psychic Medium with Tarot

Karen Zemanek
Telepathic Medium or “Spirit Secretary” Sacred Communication with Spirit
[email protected]

Christine Paton
Ethically sourced rocks, gems and crystals

Exhibitor Information

Kary Michaels is a life coach, energetic healer, intuitive reader, facilitator & mentor with over 30 years of experience working with people in a variety of roles – from Coaching, Counselling, Tarot Reading, Energy Healing, Spiritual Guidance & Mentorship.

Kary trained as an ontological coach, a Reiki Master, an Advanced Psych-K Practitioner and other energetic modalities. She is described as being warm, open, easy to talk to & direct…with strong healing presence and an ability to sit in non-judgement no matter the situation.

Kary has taken a new approach to coaching by integrating Tarot cards into the sessions to guide intuitive sessions. Rather than having just a reading or just a coaching session, Kary’s approach combines the 2 for a more fulsome experience.

As human beings we are imperfect and need to be reminded what is at our core and what we really want in life. Recognizing we all have different personalities and traits, Kary works with individuals in their essence and guides them intuitively forward to follow their dreams and goals.

Find out more about Kary’s services by visitng her website: www.startinspiredcoaching com

“I’ve been a student, practitioner, and instructor of Tarot for over 25 years. I’ve read at corporate parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, psychic fairs and even comic-cons! I’ve worked as an employee reading cards on websites as well as at local metaphysical shops. In 2015, I opened my own brick-and-mortar-turned-online Tarot practice. Learn more about me and my services at

Card reading is the bridge between the mind and the collective unconscious. Through the use and interpretation of archetypes, symbols and metaphors, my goal is to provide insight and inspiration that will guide my clients to become their favorite version of themselves so they can manifest their ideal futures. I specialize in two types of readings: those that draw inspiration from folklore and mythology (Fairy Wisdom), and those that draw inspiration from pop-culture and modern-day storytelling (Geek Wisdom). Sit down for a reading with me and you may pick the source that is right for you.”  

Sakura Spiritual Arts is a collaboration of art and spirituality. We make hand made items that can be used for your personal healing journey or for fun and fashion. We have a wide variety of products and are 100% inclusive of all.

Check out their website here:  

Andrea Zonnis is a naturally gifted psychic medium, singer/songwriter and events planner that calls Victoria, BC home.  A spiritual awakening in her early 20’s opened her heart and mind to the love of the universe and was the beginning of an amazing journey.

There is a love and peace that connects us all and once we are able to become more aware we see this energy present itself in our daily lives. Healing begins with knowledge. That’s what Andrea is here to provide. The answers we seek are all around us – so many times we judge ourselves, let our fears take over and that is why we are unable to listen and see the signs.

Psychic readings are meant to be fun and uplifting. Get ready to be inspired!  A reading with Andrea is done with the intention of love, light, accuracy and peace for the greater good of all.  Find out more about your career path, love relationship, family, spiritual journey and overall well-being. Through the power of intent we all have the ability to create magic in our lives and carve our dreams into destiny.  

Siobhan is a loving and entertaining psychic/medium whose purpose is to help others move forward on their journey. The messages and information revealed during a reading come from spirit guides, as well as friends and family that come through for the client. What was lost and unseen becomes clear and focused. A lifetime of experiences continue to produce surprises and leaves clients walking away with confidence, clarity, and possibly ‘homework’. A resident of Victoria, Siobhan travels the Island offering readings, classes, and treatments.

“We are here to connect & celebrate metaphysical practitioners, workshops, and events with the people who need them, in the Greater Victoria area and Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada!”

Do you offer services & readings? It’s easy to join! 

“I am a Sexual Health and Wellness Coach, Romance Specialist and Spa Technician. I offer an array of products and services in these modalities. Private consultations will be available and Spa services may be booked for future dates!” 

Join Teresa as she shares her 45 years long experience with the tarot, and later on oracle cards. From a very early age she has been tuned into the Divine and has developed incredible knowledge, experience and skills concerning all things spiritual. And this multi-disciplinary approach is what she brings to her customers and clients – weaving together fibres of insight, intuition and experience in service to All Our Relations.

Teresa freely shares any and all knowledge with you, and especially linking them with tarot and oracle cards. She has studied with numerous taroists and can provide uncommon insight into your selection process. So come and explore the dozens of decks, all with open samples so you can try before you buy!

“I began my spiritual journey as a Human-in-Training over 30 years ago with a spontaneous introduction from my Spirit Guide. Over the years, many spiritual guides, teachers, angels, ascended masters and departed loved ones have come forward to offer their guidance, insights and love. My responsibility as a “Spirit Secretary” is to serve the departed. I give voice to those who cannot speak and hold space for those who can; thus, offering compassionate opportunities for spiritual growth, family re-connection, grief support and soul healing on both sides of the Veil.

My communications with Spirit usually take the the form of a personalized letter and will include an initial greeting with a signature to conclude. Basically, Spirit dictates the letter; I listen and write exactly what I hear. I may also see images (clairvoyance) and/or feel the emotions and sentiment (clairsentience) being expressed. These experiences may help to provide a relational or emotional context for the words being shared. When the letter is complete, we will briefly discuss and process. Your sacred ‘Letter from Spirit’ is yours to cherish as you move forward on your journey.”   

Intuitive consultant, Angie Bell, ushers you into a whole new way to experience life, helping you quickly identify and dispel the blocked energy that has been holding you back for years. This fourth generation medium has always been able to access her divine guides and angels as well as the loved ones of friends and family who’ve passed on. Angie successfully pursued an eclectic career path, easily making connections in hospitality, insurance, fashion, finance, and sales before choosing to embrace her God-given gifts and follow her true life purpose. The most profound manner in which she could ever be of service was to share her light and guide others on their life path, a positive decision evidenced by the overwhelming joy and clarity she has already brought to so many people searching for higher insights and healing.

Now, Angie Bell is here to connect you to all the celestial otherworldly advocacy you’ve always had in your corner but just never realized it was there. 

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