Wes Gietz


Wes has studied ancient survival and living, awareness, and shamanism, and has practiced and taught these ways for over fifty years. He has applied and taught Emotional Freedom Techniques for over twenty years.

Festival offerings:
A one-hour online EFT treatment for $60. Just mention the Festival when you book your time.
A signed copy of Wes’s book, Born Whole, for $12. (the link to the Born Whole page is http://windwalker.ca/born-whole/)

Payable by PayPal & E-transfer

My Pandemic Gift of EFT relief for you: 30 minutes of anxiety relief
Every Monday at 3 pm Pacific and every Thursday at 5 pm Pacific for as long as the need exists, I’m offering special no-charge sessions of EFT tapping for anxiety. Register through Eventbrite for a time that suits you.

Tap Your Way to Freedom, Sat. Nov. 7, 12pm
Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT or Tapping) is a gentle, fast and learnable energetic tool for releasing and healing. Discover how to use EFT for even the most intense emotional and physical issues – new or long-standing. After 25 years of applying this method to clients, friends and himself, Wes is still awe-inspired by the powerful results that come with this effective practice. It is equally effective in person or online. Wes will teach you how to do EFT for yourself in this interactive workshop!

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