Siobhan Collins

Metamorphosis Healing Arts

Siobhan is a loving and entertaining psychic/medium whose purpose is to help others move forward on their journey. The messages and information revealed during a reading come from spirit guides, as well as friends and family that come through for the client.

What was lost and unseen becomes clear and focused. A lifetime of experiences continue to produce surprises and leave clients walking away with confidence, clarity, and possibly ‘homework’. A resident of Victoria, Siobhan travels the Island offering readings, classes, and treatments.

Crystal Energy: The Power of Rocks, Sun. Nov. 8, 10am
Are you drawn to rocks, gems and crystals? Learn about the energetic properties and benefits that these power tools have to offer and how to use them in your daily practice. Whether you need protection or strength or an energy boost there is a gem stone to help you to elevate and attune your vibration. Siobhan will share her crystal knowledge to help you maintain your energy and to support yourself more deeply.

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