Serafina Christine

Mystic Yogini

Serafina Christine is a mystic + a priestess with a love for gemstones, jewellery and ascension processes. With over a decade of experience in the realms of mysticism and crystals, she brings to you high vibe crystals to support your journey.

Festival Offerings:
Ascended Master Council Reading
A full 1 hour meeting with the Ascended Masters, in council. A group of Masters comes, along with some spirit guides. Great for people who have lots of questions.
$200 – 60 minutes
$40 – 15 minutes
Private Shopping
Free – 20 minutes

High Vibe Jewelz with Mystic Yogini, Sat. Nov. 7, 2:30pm
Beautiful one of a kind, rare and unique sterling silver gemstone jewelry to raise your vibration.
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Ascended Masters Portal to the Cosmic World, Sun. Nov. 8, 11am
Learn more about who the Ascended Masters are and their role in the cosmic world to help humanity. Working with your Ascended Masters every day can guide you towards living your best life. Meet your personal spiritual team!