Rachel Warrington

Yarrow Healing Arts

Rachel is trained in BodyTalk and shamanic healing modalities. She holds an MA in medieval French literature. She is a mom, a witch, and an elder in the 13th House Mystery School Tradition based in Victoria, BC.

Have you had a persistent pain or mysterious body symptom for a while and are beginning to wonder if it has emotional roots? (But have no idea how to find out what they might be and how to release/resolve them)… This is one of the places where Rachel does her best work.

Festival Offerings:
During the Intuitive Arts Festival, Rachel is offering half hour Intuitive Healing Sessions and Tarot Readings. To read more about these sessions, go to: https://www.yarrowhealingarts.com/intuitive-healing-sessions

Circle Casting: Connecting Spirit to Your Body, Sat. Nov. 7, 1pm
Sometimes our spiritual practice can seem to lift us up and out of our physical bodies. Rachel has long believed that the way in to our deepest selves is to anchor our practice in the body. Learn the process of going through an embodied circle casting: Air, Fire, Water, Earth. This short ritual will help you be even friendlier with your beautiful, perfect-as-it-is body.