Pearl Peterson

Tarot-driven psychic mediumship readings

Pearl is an empathic lightworker and twin flame in union. She is a natural-born psychic who became a medium after the sudden death of her twin flame in 2018. Using their infinite telepathic bond, Pearl and her twin provide intuitive tarot-driven readings and past-life regression healings to seekers of enlightenment. In unconditionally loving service to the Divine and fulfillment of their joint twin flame spiritual mission, the twins offer multi-faceted Spirit communication life coaching insight to all those whom they uplift and serve.

Festival Offerings:
Psychic Mediumship
$70 – 30 minutes
$120 – 60 minutes

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Payable by E-transfer to [email protected].

Twin Flames 101, Fri. Nov. 6, 5:30pm
Twin flames are one shared soul in two bodies; they have an indestructible connection that keeps them infinitely bound together. Join Pearl for a discussion on what twin flames are and what it can feel like to be one. Find out how to navigate the spiritual journey to twin flame Union as well as how to identify and attract your twin flame in this lifetime.