Niki Hughes

Elemental Balance

Always fascinated with reincarnation, Niki knew deep inside there was so much more to each of us than we were seeing. As an explorer eager to learn, Niki trained in five elements acupressure, reiki and sound healing. It was so clear to her that there were powerful impacts to these healing forms, witnessed with friends, family and clients and so she started to explore deeper with the mind as a healing and change tool. 

Reaching into her own past and being true to her roots, Niki became a certified hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist which today is her passion and first love. A core value of Niki’s is positivity which is fundamental in all her work, and helping people find the positive resources inside themselves is truly her biggest joy. Past life and spiritual regression therapy and hypnotherapy are rapid ways to experience personal change and growth, and Niki is passionate about the positive, inspiring and lasting changes her clients are able to make.  Niki hosts the monthly radio show “Past Life Explorers” on News for the Soul Broadcast Radio.

Festival Offerings:
Hypnotic Sound Journey (IA) 25 minutes @ CA$55.00

Payable by credit card, PayPal & E-transfer

Exploring Past Lives, Sat. Nov. 7, 2pm
Are you curious to learn more about who you are and where you came from? Join hypnotherapist Niki Hughes in this experiential workshop to learn about your past lives. Past lives can play a role in your transformational healing and take you on a journey through time to discover a piece of YOUR soul’s history. This ‘hypnotic’ workshop will connect you to your past and open doors to strengths, new resources as well as self-discovery.