Maureen Fontaine

Intuitive Readings

Using multiple decks, I call upon the magic of tarot to provide visual clarity, confirmation and inspiration to facilitate change. Decisions become easier, as does re-connection with your power, potential and purpose.

You are a beautiful human. Together we touch upon the limiting behaviours and situations that no longer serve you and unleash ideas and plans for the future. Where are you right now and where you would like to be?

I Talk to Dead People, Sun. Nov. 8, 4pm
There is both mystery and conjecture when it comes to connecting to those who have passed. Seeing, hearing, and feeling those who have died is available to all of us. There is often as much of a need for those who have passed to connect with us as it is for us to connect to them. It is a relationship that doesn’t stop just because we changed form. Ready to explore how you can better recognize and translate the messages?