Lisa Wong

Creating Balance

During Lisa’s journey of self-discovery, she has been gifted with the knowledge and skills of healing, writing, life coaching, card reading, and connection.

Festival Offerings:
15 Min. Tarot/Oracle Card – $30 CAD
15 Min. Energy Healing Session – $30 CAD
30 Min. Holistic Language and Listening Coaching  Session – $50 CAD

Payable by E-transfer

Connecting and collaborating with your own personal Dragon and the elemental beings that aid your own energetic ascension. You will experience the energy of many elemental beings and feel how their energy interacts with your own, and how this may enhance yours and your client’s experience. 

As a transformational personal life coach, Lisa provides guidance on your journey. Helping you determine what directions you have available to you, the goals you can set to attain your desired outcome. She assists in the transformation of thought and scope, allowing you to see opportunities where you may not have looked before. 

Lisa enjoys a significant connection to language and listening. Taking the time to understand what you are saying and how you use language to connect. She challenges you to become an effective listener, thus creating an understanding of the language you speak. ‘Using Your Words’ is so much more than an extensive vocabulary, it’s about communication and understanding your audience. Meet people where they stand is part of growth and understanding. Conversation over confrontation. With the experiences Lisa has, she’s discovered finding, and creating, balance is an integral component of our growth. She enjoys creating a space where change is a wonderful and exciting experience. Lisa welcomes the opportunity to guide you in growing forward.

Meet Your Personal Dragon, Sun. Nov. 8, 1pm
Travel through space and dimension to a place of ascended energies on a journey to meet your personal dragon! Connect with your personal dragon to experience beauty of the ages as well as the great wisdom they have to share with you. Your Dragon is here to offer guidance and support for your earthly journey.