Light Codes by Laara

Laara is a spiritual influencer, healing practitioner, author of the bestseller, “The Little Book of Light Codes”, and “Light Codes for the Soul”, and developer of Fractalline Healing. Laara combines cutting-edge healing methods and frequencies with ancient teachings and techniques to assist people in aligning with their optimal life path.

Festival Offerings:
Personalized Light Code
$50Usd – 30 minutes 

Personalized Frequency Picture & LC
$100Usd – 30 minutes

Distance Healing Session
$75Usd – 45 minutes

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Payable by credit card, PayPal & E-transfer

Light Codes by Laara’s Ascension Offerings, Sat. Nov. 7, 1130am
Join us for a free, guided healing session during the first 15 minutes of our time together, before we move into explaining all that Light Codes by Laara has to offer! If you are looking to explore or deepen your spiritual connection, expand your consciousness and embrace your authentic self Laara can help!

Where to find this event:

Light Codes and How to Channel Them, Sun. Nov. 8, 12pm
Light Language is the communication of the infinite, multidimensional wisdom and information stored in Light. Explore what Light Language is and how we can begin to learn how to channel this powerful method of expression and healing. Connect more deeply to your authentic nature by bringing forward the language of the soul.