David Zunker

Mystic Mountain Lodge

Astrologer, palmist and professional psychic consultant offering decades of experience.

Festival Offerings:
Tarot Readings
50 minutes @ CA$50.00

Payable by PayPal & E-transfer

David Zunker is a lifelong mystic practicing meditation at 15, astrology at 17, and Tarot at 23. He brings decades of experience as a professional psychic consultant to your reading. David’s spiritual journey has brought him through suburban Catholicism into an involvement with Tarot, Qabalistic Ceremonial Magic, Hermetics, and Wicca to where he identifies as a Goddess Primary Pagan Priest. All the while he developed his 35 year career in Community Services and been a devoted family-man. David brings a practical perspective as well as his awareness of what lies beyond the veil of our 3D material plane to your reading.

A Fresh View Meditation, Sat. Nov. 7, 4pm
Raise your awareness by experiencing this potent meditation inspired by Qabalistic Ceremonial Magic and the work of author Robert Anton Wilson. Enrich your life with this Middle Pillar Exercise that will allow a fresh perspective on our shared life on Earth. Participants are asked to be able to not just listen, but to conduct the described practice in a quiet and private place. Wherever you plan to be, be seated in an upright posture and have an idea which way is East & West. You will be asked to relax, monitor and control your breathing, and use your imagination. Join David for this powerful and fun experience.