Cassidy Conover

Cassidy the Cardslinger

Cassidy is a professional tarot reader based in Victoria, BC. Her personal practice with Tarot began years ago when she wandered into a small shop in Florence, Italy, and found her very first deck. From that moment on, she became an avid student of the tarot, eventually studying with the House of White Academy of Divination where she received her Professional Tarot Reader certification and where she is now actively involved as a moderator.  To expand her practice, Cassidy began studying multiple divination systems, including reading oracle cards, pendulums, runes, and bibliomancy, which she uses to add additional layers and depth to her professional readings.

Festival Offerings:
$30 – 15 minutes
$50 – 30 minutes
$80 – 60 minutes

Payable by credit card, PayPal & E-transfer

Cassidy now runs her own tarot practice where she reads both in person for local clients and online for clients around the world. She is also co-founder of The Pomegranate Grove Limited, an international company and online portal that creates new and unique metaphysical content that contributes to the divination community and educates the public about the metaphysical arts and sciences. Cassidy lives with her feet in two worlds; a scientist by day, her reading approach reflects her training in both the physical and metaphysical sciences. As such, the unique reading style she developed is highly pragmatic, analytical, and deeply insightful for her clients. Her multi-layered and down-to-earth approach offers insight and clarity to all aspects of life and provides empowering guidance for personal development in every session.

Shadow Work: Potential in the Darkness, Sun. Nov. 8, 3pm
Heading into the darker part of the year, many folks feel more inclined to take a deeper dive into their personal development and spiritual practice. In this workshop, we will discuss what shadow work is (and isn’t!) and why it is so valuable. Discover how engaging in this in-depth work can have a profound impact on your life. We will cover how to identify what is hidden in your shadow and many different ways you can begin this deeply powerful and healing practice.