Angel Jury

Sacred Silence

All of my life I have been aware of something special, let’s say a gift that others did not have. This gift allows me to be the modern-day oracle, to which I pride myself on being. I receive messages and guidance from the divine and am fortunate to have the people and opportunities in my life that allow me to nurture this gift and share it with those who seek guidance.

Festival Offerings:
$40 – 20 minutes

Payable by credit card, PayPal & E-transfer

 As a modern-day oracle, I work on all three levels of a person being: emotional, spiritual, and physical. I connect with your divine spirit and receive the information needed to help balance your energy and realign you with your soul’s journey. I am an intuitive psychic, spiritual medium, professional card reader, and energy healer.

I am also the creator of the course “Spirit Journaling”. Spirit Journaling teaches personal and psychic development as well as how to communicate with spirit by journaling. This course is designed for those who want to understand their intuition and evolve spiritually

Spirit Journaling – Friday, Nov. 6, 7pm
This workshop offers you a treasure chest of information to help you develop your connection with your higher self. Spirit Journaling will help you embrace writing with your spirit guides. You can be as creative and emotional as you want because remember it is just you and spirit that sees it. How beautiful, that spirit only wants to encourage what is best for your “higher self”. Learn how to have fun writing as you develop your psychic gifts