Andria Lee Winters, Msc.D.

Interfaith Metaphysical Minister

Andria Lee Winters Msc.D., is an Interfaith Metaphysical Minister who holds a doctorate degree in Metaphysics. As a perpetual truth seeker, she culminates 20 years of metaphysical studies, bringing forward the essence of Universal Law, reminding humanity that we are each unique expressions of the Divine and that we are on this planet for a reason and a purpose.

Her greatest passion is celebrating the sacred act of marriage as a wedding officiant, and her current calling is to inspire, motivate and transform lives by empowering, encouraging and supporting others in understanding and navigating the timeline of the Great Awakening. As a modern day mystic, Andria lives with intention, planting seeds of positivity wherever she goes, giving free hugs whenever possible and filling the space with laughter and genuine joy.

Festival Offering:
$100 off a customized wedding ceremony. Valid until December 2021. Transferable to a friend or family member.

RADICAL RESET – How to thrive during the Great Awakening!, Sat. Nov. 7, 3pm
Join Andria for an inspired, insightful and intuitive information session that offers a positive and alternative perspective on the current planetary consciousness upgrade. Learn tips, tools and transformative techniques for centering energy, expressing individuality and manifesting visions of a peaceful playground. Andria shares an enthusiastic overview of the limitless possibilities of what may be, as well as practical guidance on how to anchor the new earth into 5D reality. Roaring from her soapbox, with love, laughter and light, Andria declares ‘WE ARE THE CHANGE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR AND NOW IS OUR CALL TO ACTION!’