Andrea Zonnis

Psychic Song

Andrea Zonnis is a naturally gifted psychic clairvoyant from Victoria BC that has a passion for inspiring her clients with clarity, confirmation and hope.

Festival Offerings:
Psychic Tarot Readings
$30 – 10 minutes
$80 – 30 minutes
$120 – Full Hour

Andrea is the organizer of the festival so she is available on Monday, Nov. 9th & Tuesday, Nov. 10th for readings

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Payable by PayPal & E-transfer

A reading with Andrea will give you clarity in situations, so that you can see the moment with better understanding. Messages will come through relating to the past, present and future bringing light to where healing is needed. An opening in your heart will be created to give you the opportunity to reflect and contemplate on the deeper challenges of your life. Andrea’s life purpose is to be in joyful service to humanity and to help others to recognize their true potential.

Empath Survival Guide, Sat. Nov. 7, 10am
Do you find that you can pick up on other people’s moods and feelings? Can you easily get overwhelmed in crowds? You do not need to be an emotional doormat! Find valuable tools to help you keep your energy clear and flowing. Join Psychic Andrea Zonnis for an informative workshop to give you tools to thrive in our modern world as an Empath.